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One of the things I wish I started earlier, like 20+ years ago, was to record my guitar playing. In the really early days, I used a boombox with the built in condenser microphone, and a Maxell cassette tape to record my playing, and it sounded about as shitty as you expect. Needless to say I didn’t do much of that.

Then about 7 years ago, for my birthday, I got a $250 gift certificate for Guitar Center, and I bought a USB audio box, so that I could record. I played with my Line-6 PodXT directly into it, and using headphones, but it sucked. It sounded OK, but it had an annoying tenth of a second or so lag that just fucked with my timing. So I stopped trying.

Then about a month ago, I got a $250 spot bonus from work, and I decided to just buy a real microphone and record directly off the amplifier.

So, I have a Shure SM57, the basic mic that everyone says is the bomb for recording guitars (and drums) and it plugs in to the USB audio interface, and after some futzing around with drivers (apparently, direct attached audio interfaces require some loosening of security settings on Win11) and I have laid some tracks down (ok, so I am just using the built in Windows recorder, I will have to work through some tutorials for the Studio One software)

And I am - again - having fun. I don’t suck as bad as I thought I did. I do need to work on my timing. But recording and listening to it will help me with this.

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