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I wrote a few weeks back about going down a rat hole of videos around the art of speed running of video games. I am not a speed fan in my playing, but I am completely awed by the amount of skill required.

Today, I clicked on a world record run of the entire original Doom, the “Ultimate” edition that has four episodes. The runner is Zero Master, and in twenty minutes and 6 seconds, at the Ultra Violent difficulty setting, and it is a thing of beauty. If you have 20 minutes to spare, and you were/are a fan of the game that kicked off the modern FPS genre.

This is absolutely epic to watch.

For all the hours I spent playing this in the 1990s, I never was able to complete the game on the UV setting. To see it done, done quickly, and so cohesively is a testament to the amount of time invested, to tune each and every movement, to deal with the baddies, to get to the end, and move to the next level.

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