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The last update you might recall was that after some major fuckery, I finally got a properly functional card that fits in and is compatible with the Intel Ghost Canyon NUC.

It has been a few days, and I have spent a fair amount of time playing games. Of course, it made no difference on the classic Doom games, because they (even the source ports) were designed and optimized for old SVGA cards, pre-3D acceleration.

I did mention that I was licking my chops to play the 25th anniversary re-release of Quake, and the 4 expansion packs. The folks at Nightdive Studios have done a wonderful job, sprucing it up, and the creme d’la creme is the fact that the original NIN soundtrack is bundled (you used to need to have the original CD in the drive, and I honestly forgot how awesome the game was with the soundtrack).

It is delightful, and runs at the 2560x1440 (aka 2K resolution) pegged at 60 Hz. Glass smooth, even playing at the nightmare difficulty.

for the record, I suck at the nightmare difficulty. But I enjoy dying frequently.

After the first pass, I wanted to try the 2016 version of Doom. I did a quick and dirty new game, and verified that it worked. And work well it does. Full native resolution, pegged at 60Hz refresh, and glass smooth. I played through the first couple of scenes, and boy howdy, it is a blast. No matter how frantic the action is, it stays pegged at 60 Hz. Of course, this is getting suspicious, so I did a little digging.

Alas, the monitor I have tops out at 60Hz refresh. So, for the original Quake, if I had a faster refresh monitor, I am certain I would get better refresh. But to be completely honest, the 60Hz is pretty kick ass, and better than I expected from a lowly GTX1660 card.

Pleasantly surprised. And enjoying the gaming experience. Now, to get the whole way through Doom!

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