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Last week, I went back to basics with my signal train, an analog chorus, and my first overdrive, the Keeley Tone Workstation.

This last week, I swapped in a few other overdrive pedals that I bought. Behrenger makes bang on perfect clones of many common, very popular pedals, but for a very low price. The 4 Behringer pedals I have were all around $20 each. Sure, they have plastic cases, so if you are a touring musician, they will likely not hold up to serious gigging. But for a bedroom player, who cares. Sure, it isn’t an iconic Boss HM pedal, but it sounds like a dead ringer for the $150 Boss pedal.

And I have been exploring the Behringer HM300 overdrive - a perfect replica of the Boss HM2 pedal - and God damn if it doesn’t sound like I am a 80’s vintage hair metal guitarist. I will admit that that isn’t as charming as it once was, having done that in my early days, it was fun, but with 40ish years of hindsight, it is somewhat one dimensional. (I also have a Behringer OD300 pedal that is less intense and more nuanced of a sound)

All Pedals

In the last 7 months, I have accrued a rather diverse collection of pedals. I have added the following to my arsenal:

  • Keeley Tone Workstation - a three in one pedal that combines a compressor, with a boost/mild overdrive, and a serious overdrive
  • Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret “red” - an overdrive that replicates the ballsy heavy midrange tone “honk” of an early 60’s British valve amp. This is one of my favorites.
  • Catalinbread Echorec - this replicates the Echo Rec magnetic wire delay from the 1960’s that powered the wild sounds of iconic players like David Gilmour. I really like this delay, and am glad I bought it even if it isn’t always in my signal train.
  • Catalinbread Topanga - this is a light reverb that I bought at B-stock, and I love it. It is virtually always at the end of my signal path. I love it.
  • MXR Analog Chorus - I wanted an analog chorus, but I was hesitant about spending the extra $$$ for a Boss pedal. It was a little less than $100 shipped. I love it, even though it is a bit noisy (the reviews mention this). It is the front end in my signal chain.
  • Behringer Vibrato pedal - I bought this on a lark. I watched a Youtube video that mentioned how it was an exact clone of a $180 Boss pedal. I bought it for $19.
  • Behringer OD300 Overdrive pedal - I bought this as I was tinkering with my tone to get that 80’s vintage heavy metal tone. This wasn’t it, but for $22, I didn’t care too much.
  • Behringer HM300 - This is the bomb for that 80’s hair metal sound. Again it was $22, an absolute steal and when coupled with the MXR chorus, I am transported back to the mid 1980’s. While I no longer aspire to this, I do so enjoy the flashback.
  • Beats Buddy 2 - a simple drum machine in a pedal. I am still getting used to using this, but having played so long without percussion accompaniment, it feels strange
  • Boss RC-1 Loop Station - this is a digital looper, it was pretty inexpensive, and I bought it with a spot bonus I got at work. This lets me lay down a backing track and then solo over it. It has something ridiculous like 8 minutes of sound.
  • Catalinbread Many Worlds - this is a modulation pedal that is a flanger and phaser combined, and it s ton of fun to play with. I bought it on the last B-Stock sale that Catalinbread had, and it is totally worth the splurge.

I do not keep track of how much this has cost, and I am sure I could have bought 2 or three Line6 Helix’s and had all these sounds plus many many more.

But what is the fun of that?

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