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Having received my new M1 Macbook Air on Monday, I wanted to migrate from my aged, and increasingly decrepit 2015 vintage Macbook Pro.

As noted before, it was trivial. Fire up the old laptop, run "Migration Assistant" start the new laptop, during initial setup, select the "Migrate from existing Mac" and you're off to the races.

On the old Mac, you can select a subset of things to migrate, but I just said to do it all.

About 2.5 hours later, I am ready to rock.


Not really.

Yes, it all came over, including my cool galactic image background. I had to enter the password of the user (local administrator account), something I don't recall from the last time I did the migration thing. A nice touch though.

Connecting to iCloud, and the Apple store (yes, I have distinct identities for both, being a customer for nearly 20 years now) was painless. All my files synced and in less than 4 hours I was up and running.

Then I looked in my Applications folder. Crikey, 6 years is a long time and there was a LOT of cruft. I had used this as my main computer for about 3 of those 6 years, so all my video ripping, music tag editing, and other weird, of dubious origin apps were in there. Including some that were sketchy.

I spent about 3 hours going through one by one and removing the cruft. Not to save space, but who really needs 3 versions of Adobe Photoshop? (I have a "Photographers" package, and each year the CC update is a new version).

Those that I use often I began the upgrade cycle, to get the latest, and (hopefully) universal binaries with native Apple silicon support.

You can check the status of applications via the System Report application in the preferences. There are still a lot of Intel only binaries. Fortunately, Apple knows their shit about changing processor architectures, and maintaining backwards compatibility. The new translator that allows Intel binaries to run on the M1 is pretty damn slick.

Still I am dismayed to see that a year on, open source isn't fully on the Apple Silicon bandwagon. VLC, Calibre, Sigil, and others that I rely on for various workflows aren't there yet.

Le sigh.

But after a few hours of pruning and upgrading, I am ready to rock on this new system. A full review will be coming later.

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