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This morning it was a rainy walk with the boy. Most of the walk was uneventful, some sporadic heavy rain, with some spells of light mist.

Alas, we were on a 2.3 mile loop, and about seven tenths of a mile before returning home, we were walking by this complex of apartments. The sidewalk was wet, and it is perpetually in the shade, so some algae grows on it. It is slippery, and I am usually very cautious, but alas, today, I was not so lucky.

From one step to another, I completely lost my balance and went down. Hard. I bounced off the ground, with a really solid knock of my noggin on the ground.

I was dazed. I laid there for probably 30 seconds, just foggy. I never lost consciousness, but damn, it was brutal. I was wet, dirty, and my head was banged up.

Poor Cerbie, he thought he had done something wrong, and he was standing over me. I slowly got up, and began walking back home. I was thinking that I needed to be cautious of the potential for a concussion, that I would take a shower and see what damage there was.

About a 3rd of the way back, I glance down and see blood on my hands. Hell, I am gushing blood, soaking my shirt, and the inside of my raincoat. I now knew I needed to get to urgent care. Bummer.

Fortunately, my wife was awake, and I told her that she needed to get me to urgent care pronto.

Stapled up
Stapled up

Two hours later, I was in, triaged (it is amazing how quickly they see you when you are bleeding from a head wound), cleaned, stapled, and bandaged.

Good thing too, because the adrenaline of the event was wearing off, and all the other parts of my body that bounced off the sidewalk were beginning to hurt.

Now, I am watching mediocre movies on TV, resting with two dogs, and will try to keep quiet.

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