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Not long after I acquired my new guitar - the Charvel - I put my Tom Anderson in its case and stashed it in the closet, while I focused on the shredding.

It was a good time, and while I like a slightly lower action, the Charvel has made me a better player.

But, I had a hankering to pull the Anderson out of retirement, and to see what it was like.

Oh. My. God. The action is perfect. The neck is outstanding (the nod here goes to the Charvel), the fact that the tremolo is pinned to the body (aka it doesn't float) means that when I do a deep bend it doesn't pull all the strings flat, and the twin humbuckers - hand wound by the Tom Anderson Guitar Works - are crystal clear, bright, and quite high output makes it a damn fine guitar.

And it plays like butter. I bought it used in 2006 (or so) for almost $2K, and it plays like a far higher dollar guitar than the Charvel. When you play it, you know where that money went...

So, the Taylor acoustic is back in its case, I now have two electric guitars on the wall. The Anderson is back in the rotation.

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