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A couple of years ago, when my Drobo 5D failed, I was fortunate that I had purchased the extended warranty. It had become very flaky in communicating with my Mac.

This is the 5 bay unit with Thunderbolt connectivity that I bought to replace the older 4 bay Firewire unit when I moved to the 2015 MacBook Pro.

Support was painful, and after a shit-ton of back and forth, they finally agreed to replace it.

It worked, and my disk pack dropped in, and all my data was intact.


But when I moved to the Big Sur OS, it was a challenge. Apple had become uber strict at allowing kernel level drivers, and Drobo's were not compliant. When I upgraded, I was unaware of this, and it failed to work.

I was a little pissed. Not too pissed mind you, because within a month Drobo dropped new drivers, and all worked.

That was then.

This is now...

Yesterday, I got an email from Drobo:

Well, fuck me running. The phrase:

"We cannot guarantee compatibility with future OS updates..."

is all the prompting I need. I pulled the trigger on a Synology DS1621+ this morning with six 10TB Seagate NAS rated drives and a pair of 500GB m.2 NVMe to get me up and running.

It was not cheap, but I currently have about 12 TB on my Drobo, and its execution order has just been issued. There will be no more stays of execution.

More to come...

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