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My current phone, an Apple iPhone Xs, that I acquired in late 2018. I used United frequent flier miles to buy it. Switched to it from my iPhone 6s that I had gotten in 2016 when my iPhone 5 died one day out of the blue (well, it didn't die, but it stopped working on the cellular network, so it was useless. Apple gave me $125 off of my 6s for it).

Next month, I will have had this phone for three full years. I have been a 2 year update person since the original iPhone came out in 2008. But last November when I got to the 2 year mark on the clock, I didn't feel compelled to upgrade. It was still working good.

Now, that another 12 months have ticked over, and once again there is a new generation, with better cameras, brighter displays, and 5G radios, something else is happening.

My Xs is still good enough. The 512GB of storage still has over 400GB left. The camera still takes great pictures. The battery retain 85% of its original capacity. The protective case I bought for it is beginning to fall apart, so I will probably pick up a new one.

But I suspect that I will just go through this holiday and upgrade season and stick with my current phone. I see no reason to make a change at this time.

Oh, sure, there are some new Apple Arcade games that are sluggish, but truth be told, I mostly play Solitaire and that works just fine.

I am guessing that we are at peak phone. Or at least I am.

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