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On Friday, our dog Cerbie (short for Cerberus) was feeling off. I figured this out when for the first time ever he refused to even look at his breakfast, and was only up for a short walk (by his standards).

This was concerning because he is a very food motivated hound. My wife took him in for some tests, and a ridiculous amount of money later, it turns out that his liver function was through the roof. That is an indication that he had eaten something that he shouldn’t’ve.

Sadly, he is a little turd walking, and there are people who are dropping meth that has put several dogs in the area in the emergency vets. I don’t think that happened here, but on one loop we commonly walk, he is constantly picking up shit from the ground and eating it.

Odds are high that he just got something that really messed with his liver.

But, we also learned that he has a bit of arthritis in he lower spine. I guess he really is middle aged now…

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