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I am an Xbox person, and one of my favorite franchises is the Forza Motorsports. I think I picked it up with version 3 on the 360, added 4, then 5 and 6 on the Xbox One, and now I play 7 on the Game Pass. With the exception of number 7, they all have been awesome. But one thing I never got into was online play.

Lately, I have been watching some streamers on Youtube play, and holy cow, they can be amazing. But I wondered how they played. For a short period in 2010, I had the steering wheel add on for the 360, and it was just meh. I never got comfortable with it, so it was back to the controller, and I sold the wheel and pedals at a garage sale when I moved away from Tucson. Never missed it.

But, watching the streams, I am interested. So I looked into the opti0ns.

Holy shit, there are some damn great but HUGE dollar wheel controllers. I mean like $2K plus. Force feedback, F1 like controls, and amazing reality.

But I just can't envision dropping that sort of coin. That said, it seems that all the serious sim racers do, and it is the difference between playing well, and being a hack. I guess I will be a hack a lot longer...

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