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Growing up, in Sunnyvale, the older boy across the street was into control wire airplanes. I was captivated by his hobby. He built these elegant planes out of balsa wood, rice paper, and covered in a varnish that was called "dope". On weekends, he would go out to the local junior high school, and fly them. As I got older, I was able to help (not anything with the little motors) and I loved it.

Later, I learned about remote control toys, and began a fascination with cars. Back then, you bought a kit, added some magic (usually you had to buy some parts to make it all work, the kits were pretty primitive), installed a radio, servos, and a motor, and went out.

We were - not poor exactly - but not comfortable enough for me to partake. Thus, I was a pre-teen who dreamed of getting into the hobby.

I had forgotten all about that for the longest time until we had rescued Greyhounds while living in Tucson. We would go to the dog park, and occasionally, there were some kids driving their cars around outside the fenced in area. I thought that was a way cool way to exercise dogs (and also somewhat cruel), and the interest was sparked.

It took over 10 more years to finally succumb to the temptation, and in early 2020 (before Covid struck), I took the plunge.

I had been doing a lot of research, and to be honest, there is a LOT of confusing information out on the web. A visit to a local shop that specializes was very helpful in narrowing down my choices, and also got a good lay of the land of the major manufacturers and what to look for, and what to avoid.

In January 2020, I pulled the trigger and got my first car. I opted for a 1/8th scale buggy, and it was a toss up between the Losi 8ight, or the Arrma Typhon.
As fate would have it, I picked the Losi, and I was enthralled. I literally knew nothing, so I bought the recommended battery and charger they offered with it (it was a bit pricey, but it has held up well) and it drives like a dream.

I have made a few modifications, and recently done some maintenance of the differentials (it has three) and have been impressed with the build quality, and the quality of the components.

One thing leads to another, and soon I began amassing a small fleet of cars. I am now up to 7 total (wow) and have my eyes on buying a high end racing buggy kit, and going Nitro for the first time.

Still, with all this in my garage, I keep coming back to the Losi 8ight, as it is well balanced, simple to work on, and exceptionally well built.
In future posts, I will review all of my cars (they are all quite different, and fun in their own right) as well as discuss how to find good places to drive.

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