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I was late to the Rick and Morty party, but once I discovered it, I was an instant huge fan. It really is my sort of thing.

I was somewhat "meh" on season 4, so I was expecting Season 5 to be similar. And indeed, that is what I thought when I watched the recordings I caught on my Tivo.

But, being a fan means being a fan, so I bought the Bluray collection of Season 5, and ripped them to my Plex server.

This last Tuesday I was off work, sick (had a case of the spins) and as I was lying on the couch, I binged through the entire season 5.

I have to admit that it kicked ass. From the season opening Mort Dinner Rick Andre, that admittedly gave me some serious WTF action, through the Anime themed Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion, and extending the Anime theme to the last two episode, it was a season of epic proportion.

One of the reasons I enjoy the series is that I get the twisted humor, and the writing is top notch.

And the replacement of Morty with two crows?  Chef's kiss all the way.

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