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The morning started a little late (at least for me). Woke up about 5:00, the usual rituals. Coffee, light breakfast, reading my news, goofing around in general.

At about 11, we headed to the nursing care home that my dad will be moved to. I wanted to see what it was like. It is a smallish facility, total population of about 12 (they have several openings) and 6 care givers, who live on site. It is quirky, but a lot less industrial, and they really seem to care about their patients.

After that, we were near the Vietnamese neighborhood, so we stopped for lunch, and I had a rice dish with Pork Chop that was quite nice. I also had the Vietnamese iced coffee (you know the one with the condensed milk that is like super strong…)

Then we visited the folks. Dad had an appointment with the eye doctor at 2:40, and my brother and I did a herculean effort to finish clearing out my dad’s old office. It had the original carpet from when they moved in, 23 odd years ago, and it was clear that some parts hadn’t been even well vacuumed in years.

But we got it cleared out, and a call was made to the carpet cleaners. That room is going to be for my step-sister-in-law to stay when my stepmother has hip replacement surgery next year. Getting it livable was priority #1 for this trip!

At about 1:45, it was time to get dad ready to go to the doctors. Since my brother had been doing the duties (due to his living here, duh) I made the trek, helping dad get into and out of the car, rolling the wheel chair, assisting where I could with the doctor (imaging how hard it is to get an Alzheimer’s patient to look in the right direction for the ophthalmologist…). His vision hasn’t changed (same glasses work) but the pain he has been experiencing in his eyes is due to sever dryness. Some special drops and instructions were issues. A worrying point was his macular degeneration was getting worse, but the further diagnoses and treatment are probably beyond what is called for at his stage. Sad, but reality hurts.

After the eye doctor, since we were there, we got him a flu shot. Then a trip to the pharmacy to fill the script for the eye drops, and it was back home. Got him dropped off, and left Point Loma about 5:00PM.

In the interim, my brother loaded up my RDX with stuff to recycle/dispose of, and it is quite full.

Got home, decided that we would unload in the morning and I made pizza. Using the Ken Forkish book’s recipe for levain pizza crust, I made two pies, a Pepperoni and Sausage, and a classic Margarita. My brother’s over is a bit anemic. Sure, it will get to 500F, but it takes a long time. Oh well. The pizza was outstanding. Paired with a Ruffino Chianti Classico, it was delish.

Finished the evening with some mediocre movies on Amazon Prime.

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