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Not much on the calendar for the day. Needed to unload the remnants of cleaning my dad’s office from my car (we were too tired from the night before to do it then), and I spent most of the day reading and loafing.

Originally, this day was to complete the office clean up, but we powered through that on Sunday and Monday.

I will say that it is really depressing to sort through my father’s stuff. A lifetime, reduced to mementos, a lot of trash, and several shoeboxes full of bank statements, canceled checks, and other detritus. I had experienced this in dealing with my Stepfather’s estate, so I am somewhat inured to the process. But it is still sad.

All that I wanted were tokens. My dad played us folk songs (badly) on banjo and a well aged Martin 4 string alto guitar. They are still there, and they are mine for the taking. I found his technical kit from his time at Illinois Institute of Technology (Compass, comparator, and an ink nib) in a small case, and from the way back, when my dad smoked a pipe, one of his old pipes.

Sad memories.

Anyways, not much concrete done for the day. It was good to relax. I will note that the email volume has been light, and it looks like the decision to take the week off was wise. I shouldn’t be in too bad of shape when I return to work on Monday. That is a positive.

The culmination of the day was a dinner with our stepmom, we went to Hunter Steakhouse in San Diego, and I had a 12 oz ribeye that was delightful.

I nodded off about 9:30, absolutely fatigued, and slept well. Wednesday’s task is to make bread for Thanksgiving.

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