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Not gonna lie, today was a regression. I had a couple of small errands that were quickly dispatched, and there was significant but sporadic efforts needed for the baking of the bread for Thanksgiving.

But outside of that, I just watched classic SciFi movies (My brother has Amazon Prime and Netflix streaming, bleargh) that were freely available. Oh, I also watched a bond movie that I had seen a long time ago but was so forgettable that I forgot I had seen it (Golden Eye, the introduction of Pierce Brosnan and Judi Dench).

The only interesting aspect was baking bread, so I will recount it here. The recipe I am using is the tried and true “Overnight Country Blonde” from the Ken Forkish book titled “Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast”. It is a levain leavened (aka Sourdough) loaf that uses a bit of rye flour and a dab of whole wheat to give it a hearty texture.

Making it is a three stage process.

  1. Do a final feed of the levain (a 4:1 ratio of wheat to white flour). You mix up 3 to 4 times as mush as you need. This feels weird, as you end up tossing a bunch. But if you don’t the levain’s volume has some inconsistencies in the wild yeast distribution
  2. Make the dough. Weigh and add the dry flours, add the water and loosely mix it together. Allow it to hydrolyze for about 30 minutes. Then add the salt and levain and properly mix. Do several folds, then over the next 3-4 hours do 4 additional folds. No formal kneading required.
  3. About 15 hours later the mass will about triple in the mixing container. Time to divide and form.
  4. Into a proofing basket for the second rise. It will take about 3.5 hours.
  5. Then Bake.

This obviously stretches into a second day, and on Thanksgiving day, I will have two awesome boules of great bread.

Apart from this drawn out process, and a couple walks of the puppers, my day was pretty uneventful.

Oh, I did hear that my work laptop refresh arrived, and that my wife signed for it. Now she doesn’t have to wait around the house to receive it on Friday, the expected delivery date. Cool.

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