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Thursday was busy. While I had spent much of Wednesday afternoon preparing to bake bread, the bulk of the work for that task happened in the morning of Thanksgiving. The portioning of the dough, the formation of the boules, and the second proofing, before baking were critical steps.

While I was waiting for the second proof, I was also in charge of making the one throwback to tradition we allowed, the Pumpkin Pie. Alas, the baking of said pie, brought to light the mediocrity of my Brother's oven. It took almost 20 extra minutes to finally finish baking.

This led to the bread being baked inconsistently. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But it did come out, even if the bottom of the loaves was a little darker than my preference. The crumb and the upper crust were divine.

About 1:00 we descended on the folks house with armfuls of food and drink. My father was remarkably coherent and almost engaged (this is rare, and a blessing). Dinner was fabulous, and even the pie was appreciated. After cleaning up, and talking, it was time for my father's nap (about 3:30) so we talked a while then left them to rest.

The meal was a huge success. Everyone was sated, and the family was together.

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