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In the post Thanksgiving glow, there was one principal activity on the calendar. My brother during the pandemic decided he wanted to build a canoe (I guess when he is in it, it is technically a "douche canoe" but that is a different story). While I was down, he wanted to get on the water with it. Living in San Diego, it was natural to head to Shelter Island and get it wet.

My brother needed a life vest, so on the way to the water he stopped to buy one.

Got to the launch, and put her in the water. At first, when he climbed in, he was being cocky and pooh-poohing the life vest. Then he realized that a canoe is not a very stable craft. The vest got put on pretty quickly...

But, I will admit it, he did get out, and around and handle it well. I think he was thinking he could paddle over to where the folks live (it is about 300 meters up the shore from Shelter island) but he (wisely) thought better of that idea.

About 20 minutes, and he was done. Helped unload and strap it back to his Jeep, and we called it a success!

After that, we stopped at The Fish Shop, and grabbed lunch for us and the folks. Headed over there to eat and socialize before I headed back to the bay area on Saturday.

Dinner at Matoi

My sister in law planned for a delightful dinner on Friday. We were to eat at Matoi, a place that just does Omakase, which is "chef's choice", and we had a place at the 7:30 seating. It is a small place, and very quaint. If you have ever been to Japan, and eaten in a traditional sushi restaurant, you will feel at home.

There were two options for the menu, the $100, and the $140. I had the less expensive (but it was plenty of food), and I drank water. I find that I don't drink much lately, and with the drive home the next morning I wanted to not have to deal with the aftereffects of a night of Sake, Beer, or Sochu. (My brother more than made up for my abstinence, having 5 beers during the meal...)

The food was exquisite. I don't do sushi often because it is expensive, but this was a good splurge.

We finished up and left at about 10:30. A late night for me, but it was a great experience. My brother and his wife have already made reservations to return in December.


As the only remaining thing to report was the drive back, this is the last installment. It was a good week off, busier than I would like, but we were able to help greatly with my parents preparing for the next phase. My dad needs better care, and the care facility that they have selected seems like a good place for the next stage.

My stepmother needs her other hip replaced (the first was replaced about 5 years ago) and getting my dad's office cleared out for my step-brother's wife to stay with them while she helps out was a big accomplishment.

I can't help but wonder how much longer my dad has. I purposely didn't take any pictures, as I do not want to remember him like this. It is sad and dispiriting. But it is also life, and it is what it is.

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