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As I get older, I have picked up more than a few hobbies. From bicycling and guitar playing that I have done for most of my life, to amassing a collection of music, and lately adding RC Cars, and baking artisan bread to the mix, I have plenty to keep my occupied.

Alas, this summer when my wife came back from a trip with a sack of cucumbers, and I made pickles, I contemplated diving in on home canning, and beginning to frequent the local farmer’s market buying large quantities of fresh fruits and produce to can.

Making pickles was easy, but alas, they needed to be consumed within a couple weeks, as they were made at near room temperature.

Digging deeper into what it takes to properly can things for long term storage, and I discovered that it is rather complex, and - more importantly - potentially hazardous to your health if you do not properly perform the canning.

Turns out that you need to raise the temperature to near boiling for several minutes to kill off the potential botulin bacteria that is very dangerous.

And, thinking about it, I realized that I don’t need to take up this hobby properly. Sure, I could have bought a starter’s setup, and taken a throw at it, but nah. Time to pass.

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