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Last night, I did my usual duty for Halloween, sitting on a chart on our walk, playing acoustic guitar, and handing out candy. Pretty uneventful, very few kids overall.

Afterwards, I packed it up, and went to bed. Then I started getting the chills. I couldn’t get warm, dreaming about finding warm baths to soak in, so I finally got up and put on some sweats and finished the night much more comfortably.

Woke up this morning feeling like hot garbage. Got up a little late (for me at least), and made/drank coffee and waked the boy, but as I was walking I was feeling a bit out of it. Also, achy in my big joints (knees, hips, elbows).

Crap, I know what this is, it is a cold. I get back from the walk and decide that I would not be able to work today. I was in a fog, I was achy, I was cold (and it wasn’t cold outside or inside).

Called in sick, and took a rapid home Covid test. So far, negative, but that isn’t a sure thing, so I will test again tomorrow.

I have been really good. I have worn my KN95 mask whenever I am out with other people (and that is really just to do the weekly grocery shopping).

For what it’s worth, this feels like a bog standard cold or mild flu.

I haven’t been sick since Covid began, but I guess my luck has finally given out.

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