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As I veer back into the Windows Gaming world, I splurged and bought a high-end Intel NUC, and a GPU that fits in it. But there was an issue with the GPU, it was defective. It worked but one of the fans ran at 100% all the time.

That sorta defeats the purpose of a compact, quiet computer system like the Intel NUC.

Since it was an ASUS card, and it was defective, I decided to submit a support ticket.

What followed was almost precisely 2 months of back and forth troubleshooting (and frankly 3 or 4 times I provided the same information that they asked for.

But, there was light at the end of the tunnel, a second level support person got involved, and an RMA was issued (the last troubleshooting was to uninstall the card, and drivers, reinstall, then reinstall Windows, all to no avail.)

Once the RMA came, I shipped it back and in a surprisingly short period of time (< 3 days after it arrived at their center) it was returned and replaced.

Today, it arrived, and I unpacked it.

Motherfucking fuck, fuckety fuck.

They sent a different card.

It is a better card (same chip and spec, but better cooling.)

It is about 25 mm longer.

It doesn’t fit

It will NEVER fit.

It is completely fucking useless for my system.

So, I have an overpriced paperweight, a message to ASUS support, and I am not enjoying sweet gaming with a GPU that was about 2X the suggested price (thanks supply chain and fucking crypto mining douche nozzles)

I am never going to buy another ASUS product.

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