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I am getting a jonesing for some new gear. My Prog rock journey began in the 1970’s with my discovery of ELP, and Keith Emerson’s wild keyboard pieces.

A big part of his sound with ELP was his mastery of the Moog synthesizer. Before I picked up the guitar, I dreamed about being an iconic keyboardist.

Alas, that never came to pass. We didn’t have a piano, and thus no piano lessons were in the cards.

Later, I discovered guitar, and the journey began.

Fast forward to today

I am late(ish) in life, and I have money. A dangerous combination. I found a few Youtube videos on iconic synth licks. Popcorn, Axel Foley theme, and others.

And hot damn, it makes me want to play more.

If you dove into my browsing history, you would find a lot of searches for modular synths, analog synths, and the basics.

I know that I shouldn’t. Now, can I resist the urge?

Please send help!


One of the iconic analog synths of the 80’s, one that was used to make many of the iconic tunes of the 1980’s is the veritable Yamaha DX7. 61 full size keys, a frequency modulated analog synth, would seem to be a good trial system. There were a LOT of them made, and they should be available used for a reasonable price.

picture of the veritable Yamaha DX7 analog synthesizer
The veritable Yamaha DX7

That seems like a good compromise, right?

Alas, they still cost about $1,000 used.

Are you fucking kidding me?

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