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Gear Acquisition Syndrome. It is a terminal condition, and afflicts primarily musicians, but other hobbies have similar diseases.

Symptoms include visiting music stores, pawn shops, browsing eBay, Reverb, and Sweetwater, constantly looking for new goodies to add to the collection. Guitars, pedals, gadgets, amplifiers, and more, instantly searchable, and purchasable.

But it gets to be ridiculous.

My first grappling

In the 1980’s I was a poor college student, working in restaurants to pay my way through school. I spent a LOT of spare time at any one of the many local music stores. I looked at guitars. I played through many amplifiers. I looked at all the effects pedals in the glass cases.

I am sure I left a lot of drool marks.

The problem was that I was broke. I wanted a Gibson Flying-V. I wanted a 45 watt Marshall Plexi amp and a pair of 4x12 cabinets stuffed with Celestion speakers. I wanted a Mesa Boogie twin rectifier amp. I wanted all the cool pedals.

I just couldn’t afford them.

Oh sure, I did buy first a Gallon Krueger 250ML amp that really upped my game, making all my distortion pedals obsolete.

And I got a great deal on the first generation Boss digital delay pedal, so I had that.

And I really stretched my budget to buy a decent guitar, a Charvel “Made in Japan” Model 4 Strat shaped guitar, that was an absolute dream to play (compared to my mediocre Ibanez “V”)

Later instances of G.A.S.

I have had a few spurts. I bought a Line6 Pod XT in the early aughts, and a really nice Taylor guitar, and later a student grade Takamine nylon string.

Then came an impulse buy of a very lightly used Tom Anderson Cobra S.

The latest G.A.S. started when I got a new amplifier (much more small room friendly) and began acquiring a series of effects pedals to get my sound.

Spring reverb, overdrive, delay, chorus, and a few different specialty overdrives (they are Behringer pedals, and were really affordable, like $20 each). I finally have a good sound.

But then G.A.S. struck again, and I wanted to recapture the feel of the Charvel I bought in the 1980’s. Fortunately, I found a very mint Charvel So-Cal Pro Mod Style 1 in Robin’s Egg blue, that is super sweet.

I bought a couple of these goodies from Reverb, and Guitar Center, and now I get a flurry of ads trying to get me to buy more.

Please send help, I have a terminal case (I am writing this while taking a break in surfing eBay for Yamaha THR10X portable amplifiers…)

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