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Just a month ago, on a whim, I splurged and picked up a Nintendo Switch, and in that time, I have played it every day. Here are some observations and comments.

I bought the vanilla version, so it wasn't one packaged with a game or special graphics. My first task was to figure out how to buy and install a game. As I mentioned before, the Doom bundle was numero uno, and the game(s) play flawlessly. I played most of the first episode of the original Doom, several maps of Doom64 (the N64 port) and to the first checkpoint of the 2016 version of Doom. All are an amazing experience, although I pretty much suck at using controllers for FPS games. I still had fun.

The game purchases were from the Nintendo online store, and it is somewhat novel in how it works. You have to "buy" credit on the store (you can add it in the exact amount for a game, or you can buy in chunks up to $100). This is a great idea if you have young'uns that you want to prevent from running up your credit card. Not as convenient as I like, but not onerous.

My first purchase was a game on sale, Cave Story+, a 2d platformer that is challenging, yet fun. I bought a few more like it, and the platform is great for these.

Sidebar: The Nintendo online store is huge, and has a filter for specials. At any one time, there are well more than a thousand promotional prices, and a lot of the indie games can be had for a few bucks. That takes the sting out of the cost of gaming for sure.

I faffed around with these, knowing that I really wanted one of the top tier games. The two favorites I had from the Nintendo 64 console were MarioKart64 and SuperMario64. I was pretty sure my first big game would be among those two.

About 2 weeks in, I splurged for MarioKart 8. Gripe 1: Top tier games are not cheap. $59.95 is the price, and while that isn't a huge price at my point in life, I wanted to be sure that I would enjoy it enough to make it worth it.

I shouldn't have been worried. The game is outstanding. It is cutesy, fun, and progressively challenging. As a spaz, I start at the lowest level (the 50cc races with the most driving assists) and worked my way up. I am currently about half way through the 150cc (3rd level) and I am competitive. (that means I complete the 4 races Grand Prix races in 2nd through 4th place - usually)

It is a ton of fun.

A couple of weeks later, I grabbed the latest incarnation of Super Mario (Super Mario 3D World) to continue on my N64 fandom. It is totally different than the N64 game, but it is map based puzzling, and progressively more challenging. I am still fumbling around in the dark, dying a lot, but enjoying the exploration.

Both these games are outstanding, impeccably designed, flawlessly executed, and challenging in their own way.

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