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In 2012 or so, my wife started freelancing, and at that time I used the generosity of Google to get her email on her clever domain name that I bought for her. At the time, for small organizations, Google provided two email accounts, and the other accoutrements of a business (at the time it was Google Apps) for free.

It worked great, and she has used it for almost a decade without any issue (and more importantly, no hassle of support from me). Alas, Google is now pressuring these small accounts to switch to Google Workspaces, and the cheapest plan is $12/month. Since my wife typically gets only email, she uses her Dropbox to share files with clients, and none of the other goodies that Google offers in Workspace, it is way overkill.

She finally got the service termination (actually it was a high pressure email to subscribe to Workspace, and I assume that most people will just pay the money) and I knew that it was time to act. The last migration I did off Google (for my Product Bistro property) was a royal pain in the arse, so I expected this to be arduous.

I had already done research, and decided that the middle tier of the Fastmail offer, $5 per month, 30GB of storage, and calendar / contacts that can be migrated from Google.

I had already blocked next weekend, with the Labor Day holiday on Monday being enough time to take the plunge.

So far, so good.

Today, I thought I would just begin the process, start the 1 month trial, and get it set up.

It was stupid simple. Add a TXT record to the domain setup, two MX records, and 4 CNAME records.

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I got my wife to do one last check of her google hosted account, and close email.

I made the changes, removed the Google MX records, inserted the CNAME records and the TXT record, and within 5 minutes, it all verified.

Then I used their “Import” tool, and it was insanely simple to get it going. I just needed my wife’s google password, and in about 10 minutes, all the email was moved.

So webmail worked, now to get it on my wife’s Mac(s), phone and iPad.

Here is where Fastmail hits it out of the fucking park. They generate a profile, that you download, and then after opening it, you just go the the System Preferences app, in the Profiles area, and install. The payloads are signed by Fastmail, and holy cow, it just inserts the accounts into your system.

Start the Mail app, and KABOOM it is all there. I deleted the Google accounts, and it all just works.

While we have 30 days of trial, I whipped out the AMEX card, and prepaid for a year. By buying a year, you get 12 months for $50, or $4.17 a month. Hell yeah I prepaid.

If you have one of the soon to be defunct “free” tier Google Workspace accounts, and you don’t want to be butt-raped to the tune of $12 a month, head over to Fastmail, sign up for their middle tier account, and move that domain/account today. It is crazy easy and fast.

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