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Cryptic, but allow me to explain.

With the pandemic, I got back into playing games. I have long had Microsoft Xbox systems (first the Xbox 360, then followed by an Xbox One) but had slowed on playing, leaving the system to lie fallow, just sitting there idle near my TV. About 8 months ago, I swapped my Gold membership for the Game Pass (I was being coerced as MSFT was trying sunset the Gold membership) and played a bunch more.

This summer, I took the plunge to get back into PC gaming, and I have greatly enjoyed it. Alas, with the arrival of the PC all my gaming shifted rom the Xbox to the PC, and my game pass laid fallow, unused for about 3 months. Alas, my main Microsoft account is my old hotmail account (gander2112) and my xBox account was from even earlier, and tied to my Gmail account (gander666).

With Windows 10 (and now Windows 11) the games are often well integrated between the systems (PC and Xbox) and seamless between the platforms. Alas, I presumed that since they were two different accounts, I would have to walk away from my Xbox purchases on the PC.

I was about to make the difficult plunge, cancel the Gamepass on the Xbox, and then re-subscribe on the PC.

But then I just logged on as my Gmail account and I was shocked to find out that you can have two different accounts, and Windows is just fine with it.

Easy Peasy, lemon squeezy.

So, I not have access to my Gamepass subscription, and I can play all the games I purchased as well as those that you get access to from the Gamepass on the Xbox.

Win win!

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