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Alas, it is Monday, and my carefully curated 4 day weekend (Holiday on Thursday, and PTO on Friday) is now at a close.


And then I looked at my schedule for the day and dayum, it is completely packed from 7:30 AM (daily stand up call) until 2:30. As of now, I have only 1/2 hour for lunch in there.


At least there is only one week until Thanksgiving, when I will (for once) take the whole week off. Alas, that will not be so restful, as I will be headed to San Diego to visit my father and step-mother (my father is in late stage Alzheimer's and it is not a pleasant visit) and to see my Brother and Sister in-law. Not a great holiday by any measure.

But, I accomplished a fair bit this weekend. I FINALLY moved my professional blog from Wordpress to Ghost (still working on getting a search feature added. It works, but it is ugly, time for more Handlebars templating experimentation.) I began to focus my guitar practice. It is challenging to be disciplined about learning/playing scales and patterns. It is just too tempting to riff. But the discipline is how I improve. At least my left thumb isn't killing me. And the second RMA for the GPU in my NUC went out, and I had a nice call with ASUS Support on why the board they sent me was useless in my application.

Monday is here, HUZZAH!

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