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It was bad. It was really bad.

While ever since we've lived here, starting in the second week of June, there have been some fireworks shot off every night, the prelude has been onsies - twosies. This year, there was an escalation, as the day got nearer to the 4th, there was an increase in quantity and intensity to the nightly fireworks.

But I was totally unprepared for the 3rd. Starting about 6:30 PM - well before dark - the barrage of fireworks all around us was increasing in their cacophony. Rising to an intensity that was on par with prior years' 4th displays.

This caught us off guard. We typically medicate our dogs to blunt their fear, and never needed to prior to the 4th.

Big mistake.

Fireworks were loud, near, and pretty constant until after 2:00 AM. Needless to say, it was not a good night. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep.

Then came the 4th.

The one positive thing was that throughout the day of the 4th, it was pretty quiet. I prior years, there was always a constant pop - pop of small firecrackers throughout the day. Unnerving for the dogs, but not terrifying. This year, there was a lot less.

Could it have been that many people shot their load on the 3rd?


As if on cue, at 8:00PM sharp, the local displays kicked into top gear. Wave after wave, of an increasing crescendo, those 6" mortars with the YUGE black powder lifting charge that shakes the windows of the house begin to be employed, and those damn box launchers with 12/18/30 tubes that fire exploding balls into the air.

It was intense until well past 1:00 AM with some stragglers still shooting them off sporadically until 4:00 AM.

My poor drugged puppies were cowering buried in the closet.

Not a good night.


The irony is that in 2016, not long after we bought our house here, I posted about the 4th of July insanity. If anything, it has gotten worse.

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