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The other day, since the latest installment of the Bond franchise is hitting the theaters, a Twitter thread came across my feed that asked "Who was the worst James Bond"?

Interested, I clicked into it, expecting it to be universally Timothy Dalton (with George Lazenby who had only "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" to his credit, leaving the franchise after one episode as a close second)  but I was shocked to find that a surprising number of people hate the Daniel Craig incarnation of Bond.

The reasons proffered were weird. He is too wooden. Too glib (?!?!?) Not enough women ravished, the stories are too contrived, hell, he was ranked (by number of responses) worse than Roger Moore, whose Bond was cartoonish and far too clownlike (for the record, I cherish the Roger Moore era as that was when I came of age, and campy Bond was perfect for the 1970's).

Alas, I love the Daniel Craig incarnation. The franchise pivoted to the war on terror well, and the rise of the murky Quantum to replace the older arch nemesis that was Spectre (at least until the Spectre reemerges in the later part of the Craig era). His portrayal is energetic, engaging, less reliant on gimmicks and tricky devices from the Q branch, and the production values have been honed to a fine edge. I have all four of the Craig films on Bluray and will add No Time to Die when it is released on physical media.  

As for my worst, I would say it is a tie between Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. I am sorry, I just couldn't get into the Brosnan era Bonds.

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