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Yesterday, I slipped and fell walking my dog. Rain + shady sidewalk + thin layer of algae + some dirt (aka mud) = slippery as snot on ice. The one consolation is that it happened so fast, I was unable to instinctively put out my arm to break my fall, because that would have surely broken my arm. Small wonders.

Anyhow, I spent a lovely couple of hours at the urgent care, got cleaned up, 3 staples to fix the larger gash (the smaller one didn't need closure), and I spent a day lounging.

Later in the day, I could feel that all the other things I banged, twisted, knocked were beginning to get sore.

Sleeping wasn't too bad, and the wound didn't weep on my pillow, but let's say it wasn't a perfectly restful slumber. No surprise, really.

This morning, I got up more or less as normal. That means at 4:00 my dog came in to tell me it was time to get up.

The head feels surprisingly good. The rest of my body? Not so much. I ache. All over. Knees, neck, back, shoulder. All of it. Feels like I did a round with Tyson (or how I suspect I would feel). Looks like I am in for a day of lounging and light duty. Great way to spend Christmas Eve.

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