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Anyone who has known me for any real length of time has to know that I am prone to gout. It seems to run in the genes from my mother's side of the family (thanks for that, the coronary artery disease and the fucked up ingrown toenails) and has largely struck me in my left big toe.

Debilitating - even crippling - pain, a few days of walking in an orthopedic surgery shoe, copious quantities of vitamin I (aka Ibuprofen or "grunt candy" to the Marines in the house), about a gallon of cherry juice (I once heard a wives tale that cherry juice helps dissolve the uric acid crystals, so why the fuck not drink up?) and about 3 days of recovery.

The good news is that the worst was last night. Already it seems to be on the wane.

The bad news (because there is always fucking bad news) is that this time it struck my right big toe. Double plus fuck.

Ain't getting older grand?

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