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In yesterday’s Triad newsletter (subscriber accessible daily posts on The Bulwark) there was a section on something that just really caught me as funny. Apparently, some entrepreneurial hack from the Trumpist universe has introduced a “Freedom Phone” that is intended to be:

completely free from “Big Tech’s” censorship and influence

For a mere $499, you can buy a smart phone that has a “Freedom OS” and pre-installed apps for Gab, Parler and other really toxic communities. Yipee. Or whatever.

Turns out that it is a phone that you can buy all day on AliExpress for about $120. The manufacturer tells us that it is Android.

Does anyone else find it ironic that a repurposed phone made in China, is being touted by many of the icons of the right? Candace Owens - Check. Dinesh D’Souza - Check.

The Entrepreneur, Erik Finman, claims that it is made in Hong Kong (not true), and that he tried to work with Motorola, to build an American made version (cough). This passage gave me a concussion from the intellectual whiplash…

In response, Finman said he had no choice but to source the phone from China. “We designed this between my design lab and our partner in Hong Kong to make a phone that is custom,” he claimed in a tweet on Friday. “Impossible to build phone in the US top to bottom unfortunately. Motorola tried and put billions of dollars into it, as of right now it’s impossible.”

Motorola put billions into this? Really? That seems, uh, farcical at best.

And $500 a throw for a mediocre Android phone?

That would be a hard pass.

But I am sure there are plenty of MAGAts that will be all over, paying 4X over retail for something that will be a disappointment, all to “own the libs”.

Nice self-own guys…

Gonna bet that virtually everyone who buys this will install Twitter and Facebook on it.

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