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Since Covid is still fucking with us, I have started stretching out 3 day holiday weekends with an extra day off, because, why not. I started doing this on Memorial day, and the 4th of July, so with Labor day this last week, I repeated this exercise.

How it feels is that by the middle of the second day, I have finally unwound, and with more than 2 full days off left, I can really enjoy myself.

This time, it didn't work. At all.

I never unwound this 4 days. In fact, on Sunday I had a pretty sleep-less night. Waking up at about 2 AM, I was fucking trashed. So trashed that I took a 3 hour nap mid morning (9-ish) and was just ruined all day.

So, when Monday ended, with the specter of the coming week, and a shit ton of work needed, I again slept poorly. And it went down hill from there. 3 days, meetings before 8 AM, and a fuck-ton of meaty deliverables due, stress meter pegged, and I was ragged.

2:00PM on Friday, and fuck it, logged off, and began vegging. I really need a true vacation.

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