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I have been on a quest, a journey to get a sound that I like for my guitar playing. I have documented this is several posts, but my main chain right now is Analog Chorus - Modulation (phaser) - Overdrive - Reverb into my Orange Rocker 15 clean channel. I like - scratch that I LOVE this sound. It is versatile, flexible, crunchy - yet smooth, and it suits my style.

But one thing that I have never really had was a true “fuzz” effect. You might think that an overdrive is a fuzz, but alas, they are quite different. An overdrive works like the “drive” channel on your amp. It overwhelms the preamp and gets the circuit into its clipping state. Good modern overdrives often use opamps and circuitry to mimic a classic tube overdrive effect, and they do it quite well. My Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret makes a banging early 60’s 45 watt Marshall head sound come outta my lil’ Orange amp.

A fuzz on the other hand distorts the signal at any level, and has been used in many iconic riffs starting in the 1960’s (it is rumored that The Ventures were the first to record with a Fuzz effect on the song 2,000 pound bee). There have been many fuzz effects from the Big Muff, to - well, a lot.

I think it is time to add a Fuzz box to my signal chain…

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