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I have a Mac Book Pro laptop. I purchased it in mid 2016, but it is a late 2015 vintage version. Two core, 4 thread Intel Core i5 CPU, with 16G ram, and the Retina display. It has the older (vastly superior) keyboard that the next generation went away from (and what my work laptop has. Yes, they really really suck).

It was my main computer for a time, sitting on my desk, until it got replaced with a Mac mini (Core i5 6 core, 12 thread) that is pretty awesome. Since 2019, it has been my casual couch surfing and portable system.

The problem is that it is now 6+ years old, and it is showing its age. It is getting noticeably slower in the day to day (I stopped major OS updates at Catalina, presuming that the latest “Big Sur” would tax it too much) and I am beginning to long for a replacement.

The natural choice would be to go with one of the new M1 powered MacBook Airs, get it with the 16G ram option, and 1TB of storage (that is eerily close to what I paid for this MBPr in 2016).

But with the foray back into the Windows world, it is tempting to look for a comparable priced Windows laptop. $1,600 buys a lot of performance and features.

Or, wait for the second generation of the M series chips. By then, it is pretty certain that all the software that I commonly use will run natively.

Or I just sit on what I have for another year or more, as I am doing with my iPhone, and wait until it really is insufferable.

At the moment, the last option is winning.

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