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A few days ago, I did the periodic log into my Plex server do do the usual maintenance and to properly file a new movie into the correct library, and this was displayed in the MOTD:

Alas, the long term stable (LTS) version that I have been using for almost 2 years is being (slowly) deprecated, and the next version is ready for prime time.

Sure, you can upgrade in place, and I have done that once successfully, but I have also had it go tits up, and then have needed to rebuild from scratch.

So, I have reason to be scared, nervous, and a wee bit paranoid.

But I suspect I will take the plunge and upgrade. Counter-intuitively, I think my lengthy delay in  the last major upgrade was the key contributing factor to the failure. Applying months of updates got it further from the tested state of the migration tool, and thus lowering the success factor.

Regardless, I will take a huge gulp of air and dive in.

If that is your thing, pray for me.


The upgrade went super smooth. I powered down, moved the NUC to my desk (so I could plug it into a monitor and keyboard), booted it up, typed the magic do-release-upgrade and in about 10 minutes it was all done.

Moved it back to the nook it lives in (I did take the opportunity to blow dust out of the fans - nasty) and fired it up.

All good for another two years.

Now I need to repeat this process for the Digital Ocean droplet that this lives on.

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