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A few months ago, I needed to do some maintenance on my wife’s computer.

It is a 2015 vintage iMac 24” that was pretty high end at the time. Core i7, max memory available at the time and a 1TB drive.

But, Oh My God, it has one of those “Fusion” drives, a blended spinning rust/SSD, that was common at the time when SSD’s were ludicrously over priced, and this was a good way to get some of the benefits of SSD without the cost.

But 7 years later, it was the first non-SSD computer I put my hands on in, well, a loooooong time.

Finances are good, I got a good bonus, and thus, it is clearly time for my wife to buy a new computer. I told her to go to an Apple store and play with both the new iMac, and a Mac Mini. I would prefer that she go with the mini, and we buy a great screen, but she loves the all in one architecture.

It’s her computer, so it’s her choice.

She wants the iMac. Fine.

Since she replaces her computers so infrequently, I tell her to ignore the price, and max it out. The bigger M1 processor, 16G memory, and the 2TB storage. She does video editing, and wants to move to Final Cut Pro over her beloved Avid because Avid no longer “Sells” the software, but you have to sign up for a $500 per year subscription (for the lowest tier).

We are doing some traveling, and CTO (Configure to Order) systems tend to have some lead time, so we were working to time the order to ensure that we would be home.

No problem, the delivery window is not safely when we would be home. We had discussed that we would max out on all the goodies. My wife loved the new iMac form factor, and the “green” anodized case is appealing to her. She also loved the Magic Track Pad over the Magic Mouse she has now.

All this is so good so far…

So, why the post?

Because at 4:30 yesterday afternoon, my wife wan faffing around. Do I really want this? (yes) It is so much money, is it worth it? (yes, you spend so damn much time on it, you should get something fast and modern) Do you like the green? (That shouldn’t matter, it isn’t for me, it is for you)

And on and on and on.

Seriously, she keeps her computers so long, it works out to about $450 a year.

Finally, at about 6:30 she pushed the button. Le sigh…

So much drama.

(Now, before the new computer arrives, I will need to stealthily turn on photos syncing to iCloud. She is a luddite on that.)

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