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For a large fraction of my life, I had a watch on my left wrist. My first watch came at the age of 6, and it was a Speed Racer themed watch. I recall that it didn’t last very long. Delicate mechanical items and young children don’t mix.

But a little later I got better at taking care of them.

The last watch I owned was a grey market Seiko Automatic Diver’s watch. A yellow faced simple day/date time with a mechanical movement. I bought it in 2004 or so, and I wore it pretty religiously until I bought my first iPhone.

Since then it has been gathering dust, in my closet, and just sitting idle.

Recently, I have had an itch to buy an Apple Watch. A smart watch with the GPS and Cellular connectivity will be a handy augmentation. But $500+ is a lot to spend.

So I have my old Seiko on my wrist, and I am trying to figure out if I will wear a watch consistently. So far, I am leaning towards saving the money.

(Also, I remember why I put the watch away, as it keeps terrible time, and gains a full second per day).

I do occasionally dream of a higher quality mechanical watch. Not a Rolex, but something nicer. Then I realize that I hate wearing a watch.


The fact that I am wearing my Seiko again, I have done some research. At times like this, I LOVE the internet.

The watch is model number 7S26-00024. This is a Seiko Automatic Diver’s watch. Many of the pictures I found show it as having a black face, but mine is yellow. Made in Singapore, the movement is a Seiko 7S26. This is the first generation, denoted as 7S26 or 7S26A. There are at least two other generations of this movement, denoted by a B or C at the end of the 4 character movement indicator.

There is a site, Caliber Corner, that has the details, and some great macro photos showing the movement in all its glory. This isn’t the sexiest movement, the best I have seen are on the Philippe Patek’s, but it is a quality, mass manufactured instance.

The watch is not terribly accurate, it gains about 2 seconds per day. That has always bugged me. That said, poking around the specs on Caliber Corner has edumacated me that for mechanical, automatic movements, that is pretty much normal. How analog...

The picture at the top was grabbed off of a Philippines local auction site. The price for this well worn watch was $175 in local currency. Pretty sure that is about what I paid for mine new.

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