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You might remember a prior post where I mentioned my to do list.

One of the top items was to acquire a theme, as I had temporarily added a theme from the Ghost marketplace that was “free” and well, it sucked. Not as bad as the default theme, Casper (get it? Casper the Friendly Ghost).

I did a bunch of searching on Themeforest, and Nurui hit the top of the list. Trigger pulled, and bought it.

Now, comes the task of customizing it. I will say that the documentation pack is outstanding, and easy to read, and follow. So, if you happen to visit today, you will likely see some of these changes in near realtime.

One of the things I will do, is try to get the membership functionality is working. If you should see the opportunity to pay for a membership, please don’t click on it. I am not ever going to charge money here, so please just don’t click on it. I will set it back to free only, and all content will be available publicly.

One of the benefits to the membership system is that by creating an account, you will get an email automatically when there is a new post. Most of my other properties, I use Mailchimp’s free tier to send a weekly round up of posts on a single day. Not that I have a lot of subscribers to my Mailchimp “campaigns”, but it is a pain to have a separate service that handles these rather important tasks. So type in your email, and join the list.

I do have a handful of post ideas that I will work on this weekend, a couple of shorties, so they may appear ad hoc.

I also need to document the taxonomy of the tags. My other blog, Tralfaz, has more than a decade of posts, and a really poor shotgun approach of categories and tag definition. Basically, I made shit up as I went. That leads to it being a giant mess.

I am going to not setup Disqus comments. Facebook and Twitter have pretty much destroyed the once lively comment activity on blogs. I miss having a post initiate a discussion, but it is where we are.

The Model 61, a versatile and simplistic Swiss Army Knife
The Model 61, a versatile and simplistic Swiss Army Knife

I do have this setup with Zapier to automatically post to twitter when a post is published. That works well, and is free. I am glad that I don’t have to have a plugin that delegates this, and on Wordpress, it is their Jetpack plugin, that provides a lot of functionality. That is like the Fisher Price setup, for the uninitiated, but savvy enough, to turn on, configure, and run. But, this convenience of a Swiss Army knife comes at a cost, there is a lot of cruft, and for a hobbyist that is OK, but Ghost has the philosophy that they focus on what they do, and do it well. We are awash with services that do notifications, handle tweets, do marketing, provide analytics, and all the expected functionality, and leaving the CMS to be just that, a CMS.

And I am 100% for that. Add what you need, reduce the attack surface for the hackers (the number of attempts to log in to my pissant personal blog is in the thousands per month), and offer a clean, easier to navigate platform for both the author, and the visitor. Win Win!

Emailing chores for the newsletter and post distribution is handled by Mailgun, a commercial service with security, speed, and the ability to get a message into the inbox of whomever wants it. I am a tiny consumer, so I have the “free” tier, and for the foreseeable future, that will be ample. Sure, some of the features I would get for buying the lowest tier would be great to have, but this is a hobby, not a business, and I will not be

Off to the races!

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