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A few months ago, I turned off my Spotify Premium account. Since about 90% of my music listening done through the Sonos powered speakers in my office. Sometime during the summer, something changed in the Spotify API’s that affected the playback through the Sonos system, making it rather awful to stream that way.

The second choice is Amazon streaming, and frankly, head to head, Amazon is head and shoulders the best streaming performance. Spotify is a close second and Apple Music is right there as well. When it is time to evaluate how best to spend my money, I chose to cut out Spotify due to the issues with Sonos.

However, a few weeks ago, I upgraded my Mac laptop to a new fangled MacBook Air with the M1 chip, and I discovered that the Amazon music app is still Intel binaries only. Boo.

Some back and forth with a product management friend, regarding music, and the topic of what I and he played came up, and he wanted to share play lists on Spotify. So I logged into Spotify, to get the link to my “Greatest Rock Songs” the daily grind list I have that is my go to.

I have to say that the marketing folks at Spotify are fucking phenomenal at encouraging you to upgrade to Premium. Perhaps this is because I was an early subscriber, and keep coming back, but regardless, there is a constant drumbeating to get you to pay.

On a lark, I installed the application on my new MacBook Air, expecting it to be an Intel binary. Alas, it is a true Apple Silicon binary. I presume the installer checked to see if it was an Intel or an Apple Silicon based system, and then it installs the correct version.

Fuck. Now I am back in the Spotify premium fold.

And all my groomed play lists are back. Yay!

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