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I have a penchant for classic pulp fiction. I have read all 181 installments of Doc Savage, arguably the first “super hero” written mostly during the depression and WWII era, converting a collection of Microsoft eBook .lit format files (talk about a dead format) into ePub’s and cleaning a lot of the original scan artifact fuzz so they read properly.

I shared that experience in this post: Doc Savage, a Labor of Love and walked through the cleaning/formatting/packaging process.

Someone like me read it, and wanted a copy, offering his collection of text files of the entire run of “The Shadow”. I took that as a challenge, and I turned the 330-ish text files to 330 properly constructed ePubs.

Now, work completed, I am reading my way through, just started number 19. Very different than Doc Savage, still a general crime fighter, less science, more gumshoe, and grit, less potential supernatural debunking, and more true crime.

The Shadow was published twice a month, and each episode had about 220 pages (give or take) so the principal author was busy cranking out copy. As expected for pulp fiction, there are some gaps, and some plot lines are stilted, but in all very readable, and an enjoyable escape. Drop me a note if you would like a copy of these books (Doc or Shadow) for your collection.

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