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This is the start of a series on whatever I am currently streaming. Today it is New Tricks, a BBC show that is an interesting twist on the British police procedural.

It originally was on Amazon Prime, but it rolled off a couple of months ago, but now it is on Hulu, so my enjoyment wasn’t curtailed.

The Premise

The pilot is solid. Do yourself a favor and watch it.

The initial main character has an unfortunate situation in a raid on an Asian gambling den, that leads the leadership to reassign her to a new division, titled UCOS (unsolved crime and open case squad) that is formed to look into old, open or - duh - unsolved cases. To fill out the staffing, they interview many retired detectives, to assemble a team to - well - solve old cases.

The characters assembled are three older men, one who was a boozehound (reformed) that is an encyclopedia of old cases and people, one who was a bit dodgy and likes to chase a skirt or two (and has three ex-wives), and one whose wife was murdered by a thug in a hit and run.

The characters are a bit odd couple, a bit crazy uncle. But in a lovable way.


The DSI (Detective Superintendent) Sandra Pullman, played by Amanda Redman is superb. A gritty actress, playing that driven, successful woman in a man’s world, she quickly establishes herself among the team she assembled as a tough, but fair leader.

The detectives are a good balance between brash, reticent, and very smooth/competent.

The cases start off as a bigger part of the story, but by the third season, you begin to see a bit more character development, and depth to the cast.

Why I like it

It is light, it is entertaining, and a good 50 minute diversion. Rather enjoyable.

If you are into British police procedurals, but also like a little comedy, this is a good place to look.

Give the pilot and one additional episode a try, and it will grow on you.

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