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Well, besides the fact that it takes dump-trucks full of money that is, there is a damn good reason why I don’t compete in motorsports.

Where you might consider the task of the driver first to be the winner, but to get to the top of the podium, you must finish the race, and that means getting to the end.

But in this clip where Scott Mansell (actual race car driver) talks with a dedicated follower of F1, discussing a crash during an overtaking event at the race last weekend.

And the fan says that the drivers’ are focused on finishing the race, and Scott, the actual driver says that is not true. The driver wants the position, and they fight over each one. Watch below (8:20 is the index of the comment).

When I play Forza (which I fired up last weekend myself), when I am “practicing”, I pick clean lines, I kiss the apex, I drift through the corners, and try to be smooth and efficient. Get me in a pack where I am racing against others, and fuck all that smooth shit, I am going to jam my car in there, push the competitors out of the way, and make the pass, bodywork and car be damned.

Hell, we have done carting at team building events, and the competitive me has to win.

This is why I never dared to take my S2000 to a track day.

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