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Today’s NY Times has an article titled “In Undervaccinated Arkansas, Covid Upends Like All Over Again”, and s you can imagine, there are many passages that are going to give me whiplash.

The article begins with a brief tale of three people who have avoided vaccination, one because she believed that if she never left her house without a mask, one with chronic pulmonary disease (aka - likely caused by a lifetime of heavy smoking…) and one, a retiree who chose to not get the vaccine because he “never gets sick”.

All three are in intensive care, with Covid, brushed with the factor of dying.

One of the patients:

Ms. Marion said that at one point, she felt so sick and frightened that she wanted to give up. “It was just terrible,” she said. “I felt like I couldn’t take it.”

Surely, this brush with the specter of death, from a disease that can be avoided by being vaccinated, would cause them to accept the vaccine, and to work to convince their circle of friends, family and acquaintances to vaccinate.

Of course not, ‘cuz ‘Murica, and Freedom or some such bullshit.

Yet despite their ordeals, none of them changed their minds about getting vaccinated. “It’s just too new,” Mrs. Billigmeier said. “It is like an experiment.”

Arkansas is but one of the “Red” states where vaccination rates are well below 50%, nowhere near herd immunity rates. The Delta variant is brutal, punishing, and running rampant. There is a rising wave of Covid infections, and this time, it is going to wreak havoc on the states that are not effective in vaccination. And the infection rates are surely far lower than reality, as testing is declining.

Again, from the article:

The last mass vaccination event was May 4, when the Arkansas Travelers, a minor-league baseball team, had its first game since the pandemic hit. Thousands gathered at the stadium in Little Rock to watch. Fourteen accepted shots.


For now, I am happily vaccinated. When they figure out if a booster is needed, I will line up. I live in San Jose, where vaccination rates are high (approaching 80%) and I still carry a mask, often wearing it, even though it is not required.

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