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Only a couple of meetings on the docket, a smattering of “must do” tasks, and a short report to get finished for work is all that is between me and 9 days off. Three days of paid time off, and the two days of holiday, equals a full work week off.

And I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow, I will be driving to San Diego to visit with my father and stepmother (my father is late stage Alzheimer’s, and it is getting bleak) visit with my Brother and Sister in-law. Will bake some bread, make kick-ass pizza, do some wine tasting in Temecula, and just hang out.

It will not be a terribly pleasant week, as the degradation of my father’s condition in the last two years has been stark. Just 2 years ago we were able to go eat at a restaurant. Last year was about the last time my dad was able to get out of the house as we ate at my Brother’s place. Now he is almost completely non-communicative, and needs skilled nursing support.

It is really, really sad.

But I will make the trek.

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