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A couple of months ago, I began the re-entry into the Windows world, and I found that Windows 10 … didn’t suck. Sure, it isn’t Mac OS-X, but it was solid, reliable, and once I installed WSL I found that it was just as useable day-in and day-out as Mac OS-X.

One of the things I always have preferred from the Mac side was how painless the OS upgrade process was. Simple, streamlined, and virtually idiot-proof. Push the button, and in 40 minutes or so, you are back and running on the latest and greatest.

Windows was just a tad more difficult. I had to join the Windows Insider program, and it is there.

Push the button, and in about 40 minutes, you are prompted to restart, and there it is, Windows 11.

I have spent half a day using it, and apart from adjusting the taskbar to left justify the tasks, and I am back into everything I have been doing.

No drama, nothing left behind (unlike the removal of the 32bit subsystems for OS-X that left a slew of programs no longer supported).

My games work, my office suite works, email is still configured, as expected.

I have yet to load Visual Studio Code and diddle around there, but so far it all is great.

My next task will be to go hunting for old dialogs that had legacy Win32 UI’s. There were a few of them in Windows 10, holdovers from the Windows NT 4.0 days, and honestly, they bug the fuck out of me. I understand why they weren’t rewritten, they worked, and there are literally thousands of subsystems, so some holdbacks are inevitable.

In all, the slow reentry back into the Windows world has not been as chaotic as I expected. But then again, I actually liked Windows Vista, and appreciated the code signing that Microsoft brought in, setting up Windows for the secure future.

This morning (Monday, October 11, 2021) the Washington Post had a brief review on the upgrade to Win11, and it was a pretty fair piece. But the comments were worthy of a Slashdot thread. Elite Linux snobs, Apple windows bashers, and a lot of people talking out their ass, like saying that an Intel Core i3 is an old processor that shouldn't run Win11.

What utter bullshit. Intel still makes (and sells a shitload of) Core i3's, just launched the 11th generation, and they make a quite cost effective and very usable PC.

I know, I know, never read the comments. It is why I avoid Reddit.

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