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Every once in a while, I read something in the news that really makes me think what the actual fuck. This is one such case.

In 2018, football players at a high school in Maryland in a hazing incident brutally anally raped a fellow student in the locker room with a broom handle.

Yeah, that is some fucked up shit, and when I was growing up a lot of hazing shit that that happened in my school (but not as outrageous).

Today, I read this report in The Washington Post titled “School System Attorney: Attack but broomstick-wielding football players charged with rape didn’t constitute sexual assault”.

Read that again. And a third time. Seriously, the school district’s lawyers are trying to make the argument that players holding down another student, while another group of players sodomize the held player with a fucking broom handle is not sexual assault.

Are you fucking kidding me? Someone forcibly ramming a motherfucking broom handle into the anus of an unwilling boy is a textbook case of rape.

Of course, this shitbag attorney is making this argument to get the case to not be subject to Title IX of the civil rights act.

Some gems from the arguments:

“This is a male-on-male incident. There is no indication that this was motivated by sexual desire,” an attorney for Montgomery County’s public schools told U.S. District Judge Peter Messitte. “They weren’t yelling sexual slurs about maybe homosexuality or things like that.”

Uh, no dude. That isn’t how this works.

Fortunately, the judge was having none of this bullshit:

“I don’t buy that argument at all,” Messitte said from the bench. “As a matter of law, I’m not prepared to say that this is not sexual.”

You’re damn right to not buy this patently bullshit argument.

Seriously, that lawyer should be “hazed” since this wasn’t “sexual” in nature, and experience this joy.

What a giant wad of fuck he is.

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