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I am a quasi serious amateur photographer, and when Apple abandoned Aperture (a quite good photo management application and ecosystem) I bolted for Lightroom. Ultimately, I ended up with the "Photographer's Bundle" which is the Creative Cloud version of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Pros: It is convenient, and the cloud based storage makes it trivial to share and use with my iPad and other devices. It is quite powerful - both Lightroom having usable editing and effects, and the full monty version of Photoshop. Because sometimes you really need the power of Photoshop.

Cons: It is an annual subscription, and it isn't cheap. But it is in the realm of reasonable. It limits you to the full install on just two computers. I have many computers, so I have to juggle where and what is activated. Annoying, but c'est la vie.

Enter Photoshop Express.

What PE used to be

It used to be a feature reduced version of the full magilla, Photoshop. There were some esoteric features that weren't included. But, sold as an $80 application, it worked well for most people. Me included. If you needed to resize an image, or add an overlay, or do some simple fixing of sensor dust, it was the bomb. It was called "Photoshop Elements"

That said, in the era of devices, cell phone cameras, and just tarting up images to post to social media, Adobe has decided to make Photoshop Express available for free (as in beer). It has filters, some effects, the ability to crop, and to straighten images.

But these are all things you can already do if you have a half decent cellphone camera.

I have a PC, and I haven't installed one of my dearest PS licenses on. I had a couple images for this blog that I needed to reduce from the 4K resolution to something more web friendly. Like 1200 x 600. I thought what the fuck, I will just push the button and install Photoshop Express. I am sure I can mung the image size. That is a pretty standard request, right?

BZZZT - wrong answer.

Alas, there is no image or canvas resizing capability. Sure, the MS Paint program can do it but srsly, who the fuck ever uses that pile of dogshit?

Nice Try

I don't hold animosity towards Adobe. They are a business, and their products are pretty awesome. A bit overkill for many people, but still solid.

But targeting the garden variety of phone photographer and their level of (non) sophistication while it makes sense, means that even modestly skilled people are cut off.

I get it, the software is free. Free as in Beer. And that is a good thing. Hell, Adobe Bridge is also free as in beer, and it is a kick ass little program that can do a lot for any photographer's workflow.

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